not my web, baby!

it’s just another way of saying
something that can be said
a thousand different ways.

but this way is sticking with me
and i’m loving it.

a friend was describing some stuff that
someone he knew was doin’.
it was driving him crazy as it was all a little weird.

i pointed out that the weird had a similarity
to other odd things this person did.
and i said ‘sounds like it’s all part of the same web.
and it’s not your web. so no need to do anything with it.’

and it just felt so clean and obvious to me.
along with the fact that we all have our own webs.
and my gosh, if it isn’t enough just to deal with our own webs.
adding any webs to my web is a bit too much for me.
not that i don’t do it,
but certainly that i’m trying to stop doing that.

and this visual feels handy to me.

so, next time i get tangled,
i’m going to look to see if i’m tangled in my own web
or someone else’s. if it’s not mine, i’m stepping right outta the mess!
cause it’s not my web, baby!