i can't help it, you guys - i really like the holiday season. even those sucky ones where i spent them all alone...well, the actual days of that were hard - but the beauty surrounding them - the season itself - warmed my heart. the year i lost my dad near christmas, it was the lights on houses at nite that gave me hope. those meant so much to me. another year i was feeling pretty darn angry and hurt, but the gratitude theme of thanksgiving was always softly whispering to me. it was actually that hard and hurtful thanksgiving day that i wrote one of our best sellers called 'the whole.' there's some really good stuff in the holiday season even when it's awfully hard inside us. and i love that part. i love the themes of gratitude and light in the darkness and giving and thoughtfulness and kindness and hope. and it is those concepts that i want to celebrate here. and if you're struggling and hurting right now, please know that compassion is also one of the themes of the season, and we're here for you wrapping you in light and peace.

squeezin' your hand,

across the table

'chairs slide in and out,
filling with all our sizes.
the passing of food
from hand to hand
is more like the passing
of love.
conversations build,
laughter abounds,
contentment and warmth
surround the room.
i look at your face across
the table and smile.
home is alive once more.'

your truth

'it is your truth,
your power.
don't let anyone's
misconceptions steal it.
including your own.'

gathering time

'it was the gathering time again -
the time when love showed up all at once -
with laughter, whispers, and even tears,
warming the house with its fullness.'

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* my gorgeous son, josh, kicks off his annual KINDNESS EXCHANGE this week - friday, november 20th -
and we can ALL get involved! want to spread some kindness, be part of a mass movement and
a grand celebration?! click here for the lowdown!

*ms. camille shared her etsy shop with me this month. and also mentioned that if you're in the
valley center, california area, you can find her creations at Constyle It as well. check out
camille's etsy shop here and Constyle It's facebook page here!

*penny shared the columbia (maryland) spiritual healing circle's flyer with me
and i wanted to share it here for you guys as well! all are welcome!
thanks, penny!

*lisa shared her friend, tracy's, etsy shop with us for all you holiday shoppers out there!
want something engraved on a hand made bracelet?! this is your stop!

*i'm excited to announce that jenny just got her society6 site up. she's just begun
and i'm sure this is the start of something wonderful. go check it out and be sure
to check back as we go along to see what all she's been up to!

* diane offers books and online healing story programs that would be
great gifts for the women in your life who want to explore their
healing stories! you can check out diane's offerings here.

* ellie is a counselor in australia! and having just skyped with a down-under
friend this morning, i'm very well aware that being a world away geographically
means nothing these days! how wonderful is that?! check out all she has to offer
and keep in mind that she's only a skype away!

* denise came thru with beauty offerings that you can find here!

*and elizabeth, who is located in central ohio, but again - don't forget that
it doesn't reall matter where anyone is with the world of skype! - offers spiritual
companionship/guiding and healing energy. you can find what she's all
about right here!

we've organized holiday shopping at bone sigh arts!
which i gotta say, was no small feat!
actually - NOAH organized the holiday shopping!
and we're thrilled to point you in the right direction to find
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with such darkness in the world, now more than ever, i want to take a moment and tell you that i'm grateful for the light that you pass my way. thanksgiving will take on an even deeper meaning this year. let's concentrate on the light and spread it as much as we possibly can. wishing you peace this thanksgiving.

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