mystical magical

it’s a huge combination of things –
the season. hormones. a tendency towards the sappy,
the nearing anniversary of the death of my dad,
the fog that wrapped around the world this morning,
the christmas music i keep playing,
the offering of bone sighs for holiday gifts,
the beautiful feedback i’ve been getting,
the self reflection of what i’m doing –
just this whole amazing mix.

it feels like it’s a big ol’ ball that has rolled around inside me
and bumped into my heart and nudged it open.
more open.

and in that process, perhaps, it’s opened me more
to the mystical magical possibilities of life and living.

i keep thinking about that kinda thing.
or, rather,
that kinda thing keeps filling me up.
i’m not even looking for it.
it just keeps arriving.

and when i hear the line in the song about how we can change
the world if we want to, i really believe it.
i not only believe it,
i’m filled with it.
and i think about what in my world do i need to look at
and touch and change.
and i think about who i need to offer light to.

i am overwhelmed with this season in such a way this year.
overwhelmed with the depth of it.
the power of our connections and the meaning we can bring
to our lives just by recognizing that.

there is a whole lot to this season, isn’t there?
and i am really really treasuring that.