my sky suit…

not too long ago,
i wrote about trusting myself.
how i want to do that more.
not just in my head.
but live with doing it.
have my actions match the belief.

so i’ve been working on that.

and one of the things that helps me do it,
is visualizing putting on a set of coveralls.
you know –
those kind that mechanics wear?
with the name tag on the pocket?

MY set of coveralls looks like the sky.
has a cloud patch on the pocket area
that says ‘st. cloud’
and shines with the glow of the sky.

and when i slip it on,
it’s like i’m slipping myself on.

i visualized it for trust in myself.
so that when i slipped it on,
i would be mindfully stepping into trust.

thing is, what happens for real
(well, imaginarily real)
is that i end up feeling like i just put myself on.
it’s such a wonderful reaction.
everything inside me just kinda relaxes into it.
and something happens.

like today – on my walk –
i was sorting thru some thoughts.
laying the threads out and untangling and figuring
and mulling.
and then, at some point, i remembered my sky suit.
so i slipped it on.

and suddenly, i didn’t have to untangle or figure or mull.
i just knew.
i could feel it.
i knew what was true for me.
and i could just let that be.

how cool is that?!

i’m new to the sky suit.
have only put it on a few times.
but my gosh, each time has felt absolutely wonderful.

go figure.

i was telling one of my sons about this.
and he was explaining how sometimes we need ritual
to kinda get to another level inside of ourselves,
and how my sky suit might very well be a ritual for me.

kinda cool thought.
i have no idea.

i just know that it’s working and i’m gonna pop this into
my ‘keys for living’ book so that i don’t forget it!

and! this morning?
i laced up some sky sneakers as well!