my place

i had a dream this morning
just before i woke up –
it wasn’t a fun one.
wasn’t a nightmare.
was more just unpleasant.

but as i thought about it as the morning rolled on,
i feel like it was affirming.
like my inner wisdom was just telling me –
‘oh by the way, you should keep this in mind.’ –

your place –
the place where you belong –
isn’t a ‘place.’
it isn’t with a person.
(tho….you know….i DO feel like i fit and belong with my husband.)
(which is awesome cool, isn’t it?!)
but it’s different than that…
it’s the unchanging, yet always changing inner place of me.
THAT is where i belong.
that is where i will always belong.
which i guess means something like my connection to the source
inside myself and the whole universe inside me and the universe
outside of me is the place that is really home.

and honoring that means –
listening to that inner wisdom that whispers.
taking care of that deep stuff inside of me.
well, and the not so deep stuff as well!
all of me!
honoring that connection to the vastness.
all that stuff.

and to focus there.
that’s the place i need to be paying attention to.

so it turned out to be a pretty neat dream after all!