my gosh…

it all started with
a darn youtube vid.

i think i probably shared it over here.
it was a vid that showed the vastness
of the universe in a way that made such an impact.

it hit so hard it changed anything i had inside of me
that pertained to my understanding of what i believed about god.
(did that make sense??)
(in other words, it blew ‘my god’ outta the water
and left me standing there pretty darn confused.)

(i actually think, for me, this is a good thing.
this keeps me growing and thinking,
which is what i want to do.)

but i have been stumped ever since.
i imagine i’ll always be stumped about god.

but still…….this idea of becoming love –
that has never left me.
and i really feel it’s somehow tied in.
but my gosh, who the heck could ever articulate that?
let alone understand it?
not me.
not me.
not me.

yet…….i still ponder it.
and am pondering it today.
so thought i’d toss it out here for anyone else
who was in a pondering mood.

‘lose yourself in love’….
how very hard.
and yet……..