moving back

i moved my work space back!
back to my window yesterday!

it’s some goofy story as to why
i moved away in the first place.
just little logistic things made it seem
like a good idea.


i feel like an entirely new person sitting back
where i belong – with my window.

what was i thinking?!

oh, sure, i had a plan.
and figured i’d be at the window ‘enough’
to keep myself happy.

rolling my eyes here.

i’m back now.

earlier this morning i was thinking how much
i like being the age i am. (58 in a few months)
how there’s a lot more ease with a lot more things.
it’s that whole ‘live and learn’ thing.
if we’re lucky, we actually do!

one of my favorite lessons i got along the way
is what just happened with my desk –
try something.
if it doesn’t work out, change it.
and feel free to change it again.
and again.

that’s a good one, isn’t it?
i think we forget that we don’t have to be stuck.
that we do have the option to change!

maybe that’s part of it – the seeing the whole picture
a little bit better now –
i now know there’s enough stuff that i can’t change.
that there truly are some stucks that happen.
and those? well, we gotta find our way thru.

but the other stuff?
my gosh, we just have to roll up our sleeves and change ’em.
and maybe by now we know enough to actually do that.

yeah, i like this age.