movie inspiration

walking this morning and thinking about a movie
i saw over the weekend – ‘collateral beauty.’
i really loved it.
and totally wanna watch it all over again.

when i finished with the movie,
i thought what they meant by ‘collateral beauty’
was the beauty all around. but that just felt off to me.
i felt like i was missing something.
and i think i was.

this morning what i think they mean is the beauty
that comes forth from devastation.

maybe it’s birthed in the chaos, grief and darkness,
or maybe it’s just uncovered.
i don’t know.
is it in all devastation?
i don’t know.

as i wondered about all of this,
i went to some of the most devastating moments of my life….
and sure enough –
beauty came out of each moment i thought of.

and when i looked at some of my devastation
and my partner’s devastation,
i realized they collided and brought us each other.
we got like a double whammy of collateral beauty!

i have said many times over that there’s gold in the darkness,
and i think this is along those lines only MORE –
i think it might be saying there’s not only gold in the darkness,
but that it came from that very darkness. 

i absolutely love this thought.

would it be possible to believe this so deeply that when
darkness came upon our lives, we could somewhere in the
middle of it all wonder what beauty would be born?

i have no idea.
all brand new thoughts for me.
am so excited with them tho,
i had to share……..