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Mountain Spirit GiftsThru bone sigh arts, I have learned to believe in magic. Any time I stumbled and lost that belief, certain people always seemed to be nearby reminding me once again.

Kate has been one of those people for me. In such a big way.

This is a page dedicated to Kate. It's a page dedicated to her shop. It's a page dedicated to the magic that happens when you open your heart and follow your dream. It's a page dedicated to the possibilities that happen when two people with very similar hearts mix energies.

Please, snuggle in, take some time, and let me share some of the magic with you.

Mountain Spirit Gifts

It was way back in the beginning days. We had been in business just a few years. Everything was new. We were trying hard to get new shops, I had no idea what I was doing, and I was working long long hours to make bone sigh arts a business.

A shop owner we were working with suggested that we send a sample box of bone sighs to Kate.

I didn't know it at the time, but it turns out Kate had a small 111 square foot room at a farmer's market. While running her tiny shop, she was also the transplant potter/gardener for the market. She would wash the dirt off her hands to make a sale, and then head back to the hose and shovel after the sale was finished. I smile when I type this, because I can just so picture her doing that.

Having no idea the connection we were about to make, we mailed Kate a box full of samples.

She tells me that she "cried through the entire box and knew it was something that was a huge deal. Somebody 'out there' thought the way I did! I loved the bright colors and that you weren't afraid to go deep....I felt like I had found a soulmate."

Her first order was SIX pieces because that's all she could afford.

Mountain Spirit Gifts

Over eight years later, and several moves up, Kate now occupies one of the two 600 square foot 'anchor tenant' spaces next to a beautiful waterfall fountain, koi pond and gardens. She carries hundreds of greeting cards from over a dozen small American businesses and artisans. 'Specializing in helping people find the words for the times in their lives when they want to say something, but just aren't quite sure how to put it.'

Mountain Spirit Gifts

There have been many phone calls and emails over those eight years. We've shared so many of life's ups and downs. Thru the fears, joys, loss, triumphs.....all of the things life holds, there was a bond that joined us.

And in listening to Kate over the years, she became a symbol to me. Where you find Kate, you'll find wisdom and faith.

One nite, I got an email from her that gave me chills and brought me to tears.

The timing was incredible. It had been a rough year for me. First time ever since starting bone sigh arts, I had considered quitting. After giving it much thought, I decided it was what I loved and I needed to just hang in there. No, I needed to do more than that. I needed to jump in with both feet and not let worry stop me. And so I did. I started riding a wave of knowing. Knowing what I did mattered and I had to keep going. I rode this wave for several months. And then, out of the blue, another wave came thru. A wave of fear had come and pulled me under.

It seemed to fill me with fear in every part of my life.

I had a heart to heart talk with my sons, who are just amazing. They sat and listened to me and reminded me that I am not a victim. That I can make things happen. I heard them. I got myself back up on my feet and made plans to throw myself into work the next day. I would keep working. I would keep the faith. I would follow what felt right in my heart, even tho my head was feeling way scared.

That very evening, I got Kate's email. There she was, my symbol of faith.

She too had had a really rough year. Multiple losses had been weighing on her heart. She had gone to the bone sigh arts site to find some comfort. And I believe it was sometime while hanging out with the site, she had an idea.

She was writing to ask if I'd agree to be THE featured artist in her shop. 'For keeps.'

Mountain Spirit Gifts

My mouth fell open.
And then the tears came as I read 'More and more I find people needing what you are putting out there...hearts being touched on a daily basis. It is becoming a 'moth to the flame' kind of draw. I see it and want to respond to it. '

Kate would help me offer the bone sighs in a way I wanted to offer them. She wanted what I wanted. We both want to offer light to the world.

I sat there filled with gratitude and SUCH a reminder in the magic of the journey. All doubts had left me. And once again, I knew I was two feet in. Kate brought my heart back to life that nite.

Mountain Spirit Gifts

And since then, we've filled her shop with so many bone sighs she's gonna burst! She used to joke and call herself 'bone sigh arts south'..... well, now it's no joke. She truly IS bone sigh arts south.

She is the first store to ever approach us like this. And we want to honor her and her shop in every way we can!

If you're traveling nearby, please stop in and check her out. Let her know you found out about her here. Get to know her and her sweet doggies (Bella Joy, ShopDoggess, Retired and Trooper Pax, SpokesDog in Residence) Mountain Spirit Giftsand enjoy the energy in her shop. And if you're so inclined, give her a hug from me. Believe it or not, we have yet to meet in person. But when we finally do, there's going to be one heck of a burst of energy that lights up the place for miles!

Kate, thank you for all you bring to this world, and to my world.

118 Cherry Street Suite E
Black Mountain, NC 28711
Tues-Sat 11ish-5ish.
Closed Sunday for God and Monday for
laundry and grocery shopping.

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