mother’s day

ahhhhh i happen to know,
there’s a lotta people out there
who really don’t like mother’s day!

you one of ’em?
well, you’re not alone by a long shot.
in fact, a whole lotta holidays REALLY
need some revamping, don’t they?!

i wish it was called ‘nurturers day’ –
wouldn’t that be cool?!
it would be so much better.
i’d like to take a moment and honor ALL nurturers here!
the world needs you so much.
thank you for all that you give.
you definitely make the world a better place!

and for those who feel they lacked a nurturing mom,
and are feeling sad about it…
i wanted to pop up a reminder that we have the power
to mother ourselves now. and that’s such an important power.

in fact, i think that all of us should hold it as an intention this weekend.
no matter what your upbringing was.
EVERYONE can mother themselves!

offering ourselves nurturing and love is always a good thing.
and what better weekend to concentrate on that?!

let’s turn this weekend around and make it a beautiful one for ourselves!

happy mother’s day to every single of us!

mothering herself