morning whispers…

i went out a little later than usual for my walk. it was just getting light when i started. not fully bright morning light, but not dark anymore.

the walks are completely different depending on the time. and each one holds its own glory. today’s was so beautiful, it just filled me deeply. the clouds covered the sky with all different hues of sliver and gray and white. they puffed into each other and wiggled into the spaces in between. it was those shades of color that started the feeling – they gave off such a sense of quiet presence and vastness. i took off my hood so that it could just soak right into my hair.

the trees, with their bare arms, were reaching for the clouds, pretending to grab for them, but truly just content to share the morning with them. i looked at the dark brown limbs against the whitish grays, feeling the profound sense of their stillness.

it could not have been any more perfect for me. and just as i was feeling that, the clouds parted and showed me the moon. exactly at that moment. and i thought ‘look at that, it seems that just when you think things can’t be any better, they get more perfecter.’ and then i realized what i wanted to hold was the thought that when you think things can’t get better, they can. that’s a good thought. especially if you’re struggling.

just when you think things can’t get better, they can.

maybe we can all hold that thought today.

and then, of course, it just kept getting better and better – a lone crow sat at the top of a tree with the sky against his back as he watched the world below him.

a squirrel ran across the telephone wire so quietly and beautifully as if he just wanted to add to the magic for me.

i planned on taking a shorter walk. i didn’t have much time this morning. but i turned down towards the little loop around the pond. the threes were calling me. when i looked over at them, i saw this purpley pink aura that they were giving off and i knew i wanted to go walk into it.

coming up out of the loop, out of the aura, i looked at the sky and couldn’t believe it – there wasn’t one single cloud in the sky. i turned to look. yeah, okay. the clouds were behind me. in another direction. it kinda helped that they were somewhere. there had been so many. but now, in the direction i walked, there were absolutely none. and the sky was lit up with this moon-glow color.

i thought about how lucky i was to be there watching the morning. it felt like so much more than luck – i searched for the right word, but couldn’t find it – honored, privileged – yes…but more. i was in the middle of the sacred. and how do you describe that?

there’s so many reasons i don’t want to finish living yet. so many things to do, see, try.  and one of the things i just don’t ever want to leave is this beauty that we get to see in the quiet moments of the day.  for now, i am just going to follow the guidance that the morning whispered to me today – ‘don’t worry about anything, terri. don’t try so hard, terri. just be. all you need to do today is be.’ when i heard that whisper, my shoulders relaxed and i knew it was mine to hold today. and maybe yours as well…