missing my imaginary friends

it’s been too darn long since i’ve visited
with my imaginary friends.
and i miss them!

i was thinking about mister bun last nite.
he’s my personification of abundance.
he’s the one who taught me that life is absolutely abundant –
but that doesn’t have to mean all ‘positive’ things.

life is abundant with sorrow and pain along with
joy and goodness. and a whole lotta other things.

and marshmallow woman who swings the marshmallow
around on a stick near the fire whenever i talk with her.
i finally figured out the marshmallow was just a distraction.
she wasn’t concerned with toasting it.
she found her wisdom in sitting with the fire.

and my old crone who lovingly shakes her head at my silliness
and guides me into deeper understandings…

these are really good friends to have.
and i haven’t visited with them for awhile.

what is up with that?
i know it sounds nuts, but summer throws me off.
even early in the mornings it gets a little hot to walk.
and that’s when i check in with them.
when it’s hot and sticky out,
i seem to be more easily distracted.

but as my sons have learned from one of their mentors,
jocko willink – that’s a lie.
just an excuse i tell myself.
because i can fix this.
i can talk to my imaginary friends ANY time.
not just when i walk.
and if summer throws me off,
then adjust to make it work.

oh yeah.

the funny thing with excuses,
a lotta times i don’t even realize i’m making them.
and the funny thing about my imaginary friends,
a lotta times i forget how important they are to me.

a visit will be happening soon.
and as far as excuses go –
i’m going to watch today and see how many i make.
time to stop those darn things.
either do something or don’t.
but don’t tell yourself lies, terri, to make it all easier.
it doesn’t work.

and that seems like something to think about as i head into the weekend…