mind gazing…

maybe i’m going to get my wheels slowing!

maybe my momentum wheels need to just
slow their darn selves down.

i just started a long podcast.
if it’s awesome, i will share.
and i just pulled a book off my shelf that i want to explore more.
if it’s awesome, i will share.

here’s the thing –
one of ’em is telling me to pay attention to
my mind’s thoughts. to see what my mind is up to,
and why. and to kinda just observe.

the other just explained to me how we put all kindsa
moments together into one big thing, when really,
if we were just in the one present moment,
it would totally change what we do with it.

for me, both of these things really weaved together nicely.

and i have decided it’s time i did a little mind gazing.

and it occurs to me that it is the perfect time to start.
the world is nuts.
the nutso world makes me nuts.
well, what better chance to be looking at my thoughts
then when they spring off into being nuts so easily?!

i wanted to pop this out here in case you wanted to play
along with me. if i see anything worth sharing as i gaze,
i will absolutely share.

it’s quite a cool world inside us, isn’t it?!