my gosh,
i committed to an intentional day here.
or rather – intentionally mindful.
yeah, that’s it.
a truly mindful day.

i have been watching my words,
checking to see what it is i’m really saying.
asking myself if it’s what i want to really say.

the whole ‘is it true, necessary and kind’ stuff.

that kinda thing.

now throw this in –

let’s add paying attention to the message that is being received.

again, i say, OY.

and i know, this is totally tricky territory.
because you can actually make things up that aren’t real
if you start guessing what it is someone’s perceiving you to say, right?
so i’m not talking about assuming things and stuff.

but if you know someone gets a certain message that you don’t intend,
do you adjust what you’re doing?

well, sometimes yes and sometimes no, ya know?

sometimes it’s up to them to adjust their own darn selves.
and sometimes it’s mine to adjust.

have i said ‘oy’ lately?!

what a LOT to communicating!

i’ve been workin’ on upping my game.
and i can really see some good coming out of it.
but i gotta tell ya, i am boggled at how much there is to it.

boggled, confused at times, frustrated in moments,
but mostly pretty darn excited about this.
it’s like one big complex game you’re always in.
it’s always changing, and emotions are always all over it,
tripping you as you go along.
kinda like a shoots and ladders of living.
only with strategy.

just when i go up a really great ladder and make progress,
i find a shoot to slide back down!

i’m in for the haul tho,
and learning so much.

pass the dice, i’m ready to roll!