after i made the ‘hope cards’ to sell,
i wanted another set of cards that just had
one word on them. so i made the ‘bits.’
and now, i use both sets together and pick a card
from each pack.

this morning two cards were stuck together in my bowl of bits.
i like to think that means something, so i pulled both cards out.
and then went to pull out a card from the hope card bowl.

this is what i got –

‘and she honored the holiness inside her.’

i thought that was a pretty awesome combination.

here’s how i took it –
receive the messages that come in,
and offer them both to your heart and to your world,
and the only way you can do this is by trusting the
holiness outside of you. and if you do this, you
are totally honoring the holiness inside you.

i really love that.

and in an effort to do just that, i want to let you know
that i got tangled this weekend in some stuff that ties
me in knots. some really negative inner voices that can
cut me to the core and leave me shaking.

monday mornings are a good time for me to explore me a little bit.
a time for me to think and sit and ask and listen.

what i got was a nice practical answer that i love –

‘look at what you’re struggling with with objective eyes.
eyes that can really see. your getting tied up in knots is a direct
result of looking at things thru the lens of wounds. that’s not
clear, real or honest. it not only serves no healthy purpose,
it’s false. look with eyes that are objective and you’ll be able to leave
the knots on the ground.’

the practical no-nonsense part of me really likes this.
lenses coming from wounds just don’t work, terri.
use some objective ones.
then figure it out.

i like that.

i know it’s easier said than done.
and i know those voices in me won’t like this
and will fight it.

but i really do have a strong practical side.
i’m thinking that side may come in handy like never before.

wanted to offer what i received and honor the holiness all around.