marriage, love and living

i made the image above
while thinking of my goddaughter
who is getting married this weekend.

that’s what i think about marriage –
a journey where you really learn about love.
and my gosh,
i feel like i sure have a lot to learn.

i just didn’t have a clue way way way back when i was so young,
getting married that first time.
i shake my head when i think of all that i didn’t know.

now…years and years later,
i am getting ready to celebrate my 3rd anniversary
(next month) in my second – and last – marriage.
and i am amazed at all i have learned –
and well aware that there are still miles and miles to go
in this traveling and discovering journey of love.

it’s not at all what i thought it was way back when.
it’s harder than i ever coulda imagined.
and i think it’s the stuff that really grows me into
who it is i want to become.

the image tho –
i made it thinking about marriage.
but when i read it,
i realized it could be for all of us.
for those i share time with –
for those i travel with in all kindsa ways.

the times right now –
they can be so hard and heavy, can’t they?
and i know there’s no way we’re gonna all join hands
and smile and say ‘let’s learn about love’ to each other.

i know that.

but if i keep it in mind as i travel…
if i hold it in my heart…
well, i like that idea.
and i believe it will make a difference to me.
and yeah, i believe it will be harder than i ever coulda imagined,
and i think it’s the stuff that really grows me into who it is
i want to become.

how cool, huh?! marriage and life – take them and learn to love.

living love.
traveling love.
aiming for love.

really, what else is there?