i got to do something this weekend
that i don’t think i have ever done
in my whole entire life!

i got to sit in the middle of a river
on a boat
under the moon
right in the path of the moonlight on the water…


i had no idea what i’ve been missing.

it was so incredibly magical.

just like everyone else in the world,
i’ve heard stories of mermaids and fairies
and all kindsa magical things.

i have always delighted in them
and loved them.
and never once thought about why we had those stories.

they just were.

but as i sat there on the river
looking at the diamonds of light dancing on the water,
it totally hit me that we HAD to have magical stories.
they had to be here.
there’s no way they couldn’t be.
cause we have to do something with this magic that we witness.

for some reason,
this realization seemed important to me.

maybe because i feel like i have to do something with it too.
not sure what.

but it’s so overwhelmingly wonderful
that it’s hard to hold inside.
it somehow just has to tumble out.

i guess that’s with everything that’s overwhelming, isn’t it?
sorrow, joy, horror – anything that just fills you so much that
you can’t hold it all.

friday nite it was magic for me.

and i love even more now that there’s stories of mermaids and fairies.