love more

meanness seems to be running rampant.
it’s been kinda making my head spin.
and given me a little fog over the eyes.

then this morning, someone i know had to make
an announcement on his facebook page for people
to just chill out and go away if they couldn’t behave.

he’s recently come out as gay in his christian community.
yeah, i guess there’s been some ruckus.
when i saw that, i think it hit a little extra hard
because of something i read the day before.

some sixth century (or something old like that) christian
philosopher said some really incredibly horrible stuff about women.
i was shocked at how awful it was.
and as i sat there with it, i could see a whole lotta damage
done by some really twisted men.
and while there was some comfort in this garbage being super old,
i still could feel some it that had lingered in stuff that i had
been raised in. i sat there realizing the damage this kinda ick
has caused.

and then i saw my friend making his boundaries on his facebook page.
he did it with love as nicely as he could, all the while firmly
standing in who he is.

and it just hit hard.

are we ever going to stop lessening each other?
the garbage i read was from the sixth century, for pete’s sakes!
isn’t that enough time to figure out we would gain so much if we
would respect each other?
that this lessening is really really bad stuff?
it doesn’t feel like we’re getting better at it at all.
in fact, lately, to me, it feels worse.
i shook my head in discouragement….but then!
i focused on my friend setting his boundaries and standing in love.
and all the support he got in doing so.

one of his sentences really grabbed me – it was basically that
he had work to do with his life – he had love to offer the world –
and anyone who was negative could just step aside, go away, rant over there.

i loved that.
and was reminded – we have work to do.
all of us.
we have love to offer the world.
the other stuff can move aside.
i don’t want to give it my time.
and i honestly don’t have time to give it!
there’s work to be done.
there is love to be offered.