love month is here!

it is here at last –
love month!

shall we grab it?
shall we celebrate all kindsa love this month?!

i think maybe we should start with SELF love?
whattya say?

i decided to hop in with it all,
and made a date with myself this morning.
i grabbed a warm cup of coffee and sat and visited
with the sky a bit. and then took myself for a little drive.

it was just what i needed.
and such a good way to kick everything off.
i know i’m a couple days behind,
but i was busy celebrating my son’s birthday and then
recovering from the celebrating!

there’s so many ways to honor love…
filling a month up with different ways to spread the goodness
feels right.

want to hop in and join me?!
i’m thinking it would certainly add much depth
to our valentine’s day! i’m in!

here’s to spreading the love!