living in a movie…

i feel like i’m living in a movie.
a darn scary movie.

i’m watching two entirely different worlds
and wondering what the heck is up.

there’s the ‘real world’ world.
where if you even THINK that there’s even
a CHANCE that the election was anything but fair,
you’re an absolute fool and idiot.

the press won’t cover it,
because it’s “too bananas” (direct quote)

the press is freaking me out.
when was it their job to decide what i get to see?
i’m really not a fan.

and then…there’s the world of the hearings.
the pennsylvania hearing.
the arizonia hearing.
the michigan hearing.

and there’s testimony after testimony of people
swearing under oath things they saw that were wrong.

everything from incredibly ‘reliable’ and ‘respectable’
service people, including colonels, to the ‘regular’ people,
who are overcoming comfort zones to speak out and
tell their truths. i can’t even imagine the courage they
had to summon. it’s hard enough to speak your truth
in front of your friends, ya know?

i have heard that they’ve been bullied and threatened.
and i just can’t get over this.

i watched a truck driver this morning and i just loved
this guy. he was so real. and just tryin’ so hard to explain
and be clear and say ‘hey, this isn’t right.’

so i popped this up on facebook just to salute these people.
cause even doing that is difficult. because you have to actually
say that you’re wondering things the news says is ‘bananas’ to wonder.
i have lost ‘friends’ over there since speaking up about this stuff.
but the bravery of these folks, makes me think it really matters
that i stand up and honor them.

so that’s what i wanted to do here.
and! i wanted to share the links of the hearings.
(each one listed above is linked)
cause they’re not easy to find.
isn’t that in itself a little concerning?

they’re long.
but what could be more important right now?

how many of us have seen these?
well, here’s a chance……..

(this shouldn’t have to be said,
but i’ll say it anyway –
i’m not a trump fan.
i’m not a biden fan.
i am interested in these because
i’m an american.
it wasn’t until now i realized how much
that really means to me.)