life is strange. so is death.

well, i think it’s weird.
my uncle just passed.
that’s not so weird.
we all gotta go.
and he’s been lingering a looooong time.
so that’s not the weird part.
the weird part is the timing.

like i say, he’s been lingering a long time.
but he waited until this week.
this week also holds the anniversary of
the passing of both his dad and his
only brother, my dad.

all three of them.
the men in their family.
all passing within a week’s time of each other.
granted, different years.
but that kinda adds to the weirdness of it,
don’t you think?

i keep thinking about it.
cause it’s one of the millions of things that seems
weird and we notice it, then we forget about it
and just keep going.

but when you think about it –
there’s a lotta weird happenings all around us.

which i like.
because it keeps me wondering.

it’s going to be a hard funeral to attend.
it’s going to bring up a lot of sad memories.
i know there will be a lotta tears on my part.
and yet, i really feel like it reminds me of so much.
and helps me keep so much in perspective.
and this is definitely a good season for perspective.

i’ll be away from the blog the rest of the week.
hopefully when i return, i’ll have a little of
that perspective to share.

in the meantime, tell those you care about that you love them.
spread kindness wherever you can.
and honor yourself in every action that you make.

because it matters.