let’s do this!

we all need stuff to brighten
the holidays right now, yes?

well, shoot…..
getting out of ourselves is one
of the best ways ever to do that.

my son, josh, works with the elderly
who have been in lock down most
of the year. my goodness. i can’t tell you
how wonderful it is they have josh.
but wow, huh?!

he’s workin’ on brightening their holidays
in every way he can think of.
he posted this on facebook yesterday,
and i’m sharing it everywhere i can.

please consider doing this –
it truly will bring light to another.
and i’m betting will do some good
for you as well.

here’s what he said –

Hey folks! The holidays are here, and I’ve got a fun kindness project: send a senior a Christmas card and/or little goodie! They’ve got material comfort, but like anyone in an extended lockdown, sure could use a little spark of holiday magic. Let’s surprise them, and send ‘em some cards! Our target is 100 cards by 12/15. Think we can do this? Would love to get them some goodies, too. From handmade fun (a nifty little knitted thing, etc) to a little pack of socks/soap/??, seems like we could really brighten things up. What do you think? Send ‘em to: ATTN: Josh Urban, The Charleston Senior Community, 45 St. Patrick’s Drive, Waldorf, MD 20603, and I’ll see they get ‘em! (Stories to follow, too!) Really appreciate this, folks – I’m getting in Christmas Elf mode!