learning curves…

i’m having a new thought that maybe isn’t new,
maybe it’s just using different words.
but it’s helping me right now.
it feels like an ‘aha’ to me.
and a tool for me to pick up and work with.

let me see if i can type it out…

everyone’s got different goals.
and i bet if you broke all the millions of goals
down and went deeper and deeper, there really wouldn’t
be that many different ones. just lotsa flavors of the same big ones.

so with each goal, there’d be a lot for us all to learn to achieve it.
each goal would have its own learning curve.

the goal of being love…or offering light….or however you want to
phrase that, is my goal. and i know it’s a lotta other people’s goal as well.

so, for the group that wants to be love, there’s a ton to learn.
each person in that group has a different learning curve.
and each person is in a different spot on that curve.

that makes sense, doesn’t it?!

pretty basic thought. no big insight.
except for the fact that if you really believe that,
you can be way more patient with people (and yourself)
who you may feel are letting you down.
or aren’t walkin’ their talk. or whatever.

maybe they’re just stuck somewhere on their learning curve
and can’t move further just yet.

reminds me of being in elementary school learning the multiplication tables.
my teacher made a chocolate factory drawing on a poster board.
and each room of the factory had the different sets you needed to learn.
there was the three’s room and the four’s and the nine’s……oh my gosh,
the nine’s room….altho i think it was the eights i really didn’t like!
in each one, you had to memorize all your times tables for that number before
you could move the oompa loompa with your name  to the next room.

my oompa loompa got stuck a few times.
but i EVENTUALLY¬†got ’em all!

it’s like that.
only instead of our multiplication tables,
it’s learning how to offer love.
and sometimes my oomp loompa gets stuck.
and sometimes so does my friend’s.
and instead of being frustrated about that,
i can just wait and know that sooner or later,
after some work and more lessons and more practice,
we get to move to the next spot on the journey.

i really like this.
i feel like it actually fits right in with the goal
and helps me be more patient and loving all around.

aha! how cool is that?!