sometimes i stumble onto what i think of as
‘keys to living fully.’

and then i promptly forget them.

until i stumble upon them again.

i think that just happened yesterday –
the re-stumbling.

it’s the key of trust.
more specifically – trusting yourself.

this is what came out –

it is all about trusting yourself.
-trust yourself to handle what comes your way.
-trust yourself to tend to your needs.
-trust yourself to listen to and follow your heart.

i think that if we do that,
we have one huge key into living fully.
think about it.
think about how much garbage falls away if we do that!
and we can just live!

here’s the little sticky point for me tho –
i mostly do trust myself –
i don’t really KNOW that i do.
or….i don’t really LIVE like i do….
or…my default is to forget that i do.

so that darn sticky point is what i want to work on.
it occurs to me to work on mindfully ‘stepping into myself’
over and over during the day. and i think that’s what i want to try.

also! a brilliant friend of mine suggested i keep a journal
just for these keys of mine that i keep forgetting!

here’s to keys and putting them into practice!