just show up

i watched a wonderful little clip of a talk
a dad was giving to a buncha school kids.

it was so moving and i absolutely cried.
i found it on facebook
(it’s on my page if you want to see it)
i was having trouble figuring out how to link it.
the speaker is david flood and i see him over on youtube.
but i couldn’t find that exact clip for you.
i’ll be checking him out later today.

he was urging the kids to ‘just show up’ for each other.
and he did one heck of a job.

he reminded me so much of how i want to show up for people.
it was really good that way.

i’ve been thinking about it a lot since i saw it.
and something that keeps kinda whirlin’ around it all is that
we also have to ‘just show up’ for ourselves.

i think sometimes we make it all so black and white.
or, at least, i do.
and in doing that, i tend to kinda lean towards the thought process
that it’s when i get stuck in being selfish that i don’t show up for people.
and while that can be very true and totally the case,
that train of thought also can get me into all kindsa trouble –
i give myself away to places that i shouldn’t.
-and yes! i think there are definitely places that i shouldn’t.
and i think i can skew my thinking and forget to pay attention to
things that i need inside as well.

so when i thought about it, and i thought about showing up for EVERYONE –
myself included – it made the message so much more powerful for me.

maybe it’s just a way i need to work with myself so that i can get
around the black and white thinking that i can trap myself with.
not sure if anyone else needs this thought.
but i’m popping it out here just in case.

and the showing up for ourselves?!
well, shoot, how often do we actually DO that?!

it’s not a selfish thing.
it’s a healthy thing.
and one that makes us so much more.
and one that gives us so much more to offer when we show up for others!

just show up.
for you.
for them.
for life.