just passing this along…

so i’m driving back from the post office.
it’s anywhere between 4-6 minutes of a drive.
all depends on if you hit the traffic light or not
or if you get behind a slow driver.

and long about 2 minutes in,
this thought pops into my head.
just outta nowhere –

‘it’s okay to just own it.
you don’t have to prove it.’

my mind stops wandering and focuses on that.
luckily, the light turned red.
gave me a little bit longer to just sit there with it.

i really like that.

you don’t have to prove anything.
just own your truth.
live it, be it, walk it, breathe it.
but don’t prove it.
no need.

i like that.

wanted to share it here as well.
just passin’ on what was handed to me….