it’s not like i didn’t know the drawer was there.
i sit by this desk drawer every day of my life.
or almost, anyway.

apparently, i don’t pay much attention to it.
cause i opened it today and laughed right out loud
when i saw all the journals tossed in there.

someone around here scribbles a lot.

i opened to a quote that i just loved.
i immediately shared it on facebook.
it just felt really right to me.

and then i popped the journal opened to another
page and found another that felt right.
it is so weird to me that my own writing can
just feel good to me.
that’s like just goofy.
i mean, i get that it feels good to write stuff out.
but to go back and read and feel good.
it feels a little silly.
but hey……that’s what happens.

so i wanted to share both these quotes here with you.
maybe something will resonate today.

‘go take yourself quietly to heal.
remove yourself from the noise,
but keep the door cracked open to the living.
and when you’re strong enough to re-enter,
step back through the door
and immerse yourself in the good of life.
for that is where you’ll find true healing.’

‘grieve the you who was lost –
for she was beautiful.
honor her with your tears.
and then
turn to the you who you are now
and become her with every breath you take
so that when she leaves,
we will have known she lived.’