it’s working!

so if you saw friday’s blog,
you know i’ve stepped away
from the craze,
and back into my sanity.

and i gotta say –
it’s working!

i am thrilled to tell you that i spent
a good portion of my weekend outside
in my yard with my plants.
i didn’t watch/listen to ANY news
and i refused to let fear run amok.

and what a difference it is making.
and such good timing.

i’m still jittery about my husband’s surgery tomorrow,
but i can handle SOME jitters, ya know?
it’s total freak out stuff that needs to stop.

and mostly, mostly,
deep inside, i feel pretty darn good.

there’s a top level jitter.
and a deep level calm.

i think i’ll be doin’ things to touch in to the deep calm.
ya know?

i’m guessin’ i’m not the only one who’s got those two layers.
so i’m putting this out there for anyone else who can relate.
let’s sit in the calm rather than the jitters.
want to?