it’s up to us!

spunky energy generally fuels my life.
for over a month tho, it hasn’t.
i hurt my back and it really took a hunk
outta my lifestyle.
the energy is coming back tho…
just like the plants starting to come up.
i can feel it, see glimpses and the color radiating.
so i’m getting there. and i’m beginning to feel it again.

and perhaps that explains this feeling in me.
but honestly, i think it’s only partly it.
i think watching life –
and NON life –
around me is fueling the rest of it.

the feeling that it’s really really up to us!
what we do with our lives,
how we handle what comes up,
how well we live,
how we face our challenges,
and how we celebrate our joys –
that’s so darn up to us.

of course, right?
but how actively are we workin’ on that?!

are you participating with a full heart?
are you two feet in?
are you trying to grow and expand?

i think i’m going to write those three questions down
and put them right on my desk.

(wait a minute…i just stopped and wrote ’em down!)

we are capable of so much more than we do.
okay, maybe i should speak for myself –

*i* am capable of so much more than i do.

and, by golly, i wanna stretch and expand.

hmmmm….maybe i needed to hurt my back
so i literally COULDN’T stretch,
to make me realize how much i want to.

physically, mentally, spiritually…….
and i hesitate, cause then i know the things that
will stretch me will come pouring in.
but yeah, let’s do this!