it’s here!

it’s here.
our first day of our new year.

and yeah….
i feel completely unsure of where i’m going.
and it’s not the most settling feeling, i gotta say.

but there is some kinda excitement in it all the same.

i am headin’ out in just a bit to sit with resolutions.
gonna write them all out, and figure i’ll refine and
tweak as i go along this week.

i know a lotta people aren’t into resolutions.
i guess there’s some kinda negative rule feeling,
or maybe some sense of harshness.

i don’t have that.
i feel like it’s one heck of a great chance to focus,
to plan – to map!
yeah, it’s like a big map.

i’ve changed a lot in the last couple of years –
the things i want to better in myself really ARE
things that i WANT to do. i’m not making myself
do them anymore…i WANT to.

that would probably be a big difference as to
the resolution making.

i can get lazy.
and lazy is absolutely okay at times.
other times tho, it’s really something i’d like
to step out of. i guess it’s like everything else –
there’s a time and place for these things –
and sometimes it’s good to allow them,
and sometimes it’s good to reach beyond them.
figuring out that balance is prolly what being
healthy is all about.

i am heading into my 60th year this year –
i want to roll into the birthday feeling good
about what i’m doin’ with my life.

there’s some thinking to be done today!
and i’m absolutely tickled about that.
and there’s a whole lotta listening to my heart
that needs to be done this week –
and my heart seems to be pretty pleased with
the idea that it will be heard.

good stuff all around!

happy new year!