it’s got me thinking…

i made this graphic years ago.
but it came to mind this morning
when i read something that really
got me thinking.

i don’t know any science stuff behind this,
so don’t figure i’ll give you any.
and i wouldn’t even know if this is true or not.
but it makes a lot of sense to me,
and sparked a lot of thought,
so i’m gonna run with it.

it said that cells can be in either a defensive mode
or a growth mode, but not both.

and the book was talking about how our beliefs can put us
in the defensive mode even when we don’t ‘need’ to be there.

negative beliefs we got along the way –
the world isn’t safe,
i’m not lovable,
i am not worthy,
i don’t deserve happiness.
any of that obvious stuff,
and then stuff that’s not as bleak,
but still not correct, and still would make us defensive.

interesting timing.

i am doin’ some inner work to let go of some old stuff that just
isn’t true. and yeah, that is soooo much easier said than done.
i think some of that stuff is so deep, it’s hard to even know it’s
in us, let alone see it. and then once seen….ahhh the work to undo it.

i am beyond blessed to have the partner that i do.
he’s really helping me with this, and being so patient
as i climb thru it – and fall apart – and climb thru some more.

i feel like it’s so important.
and this weekend i found myself thinking ‘i have to change this.
i don’t want to let this kinda stuff end up making me sick.’
and then i read this thing about the cells this morning.
i’m just totally inspired here.
and really want to drop the beliefs that do me no good.

had to share.