it’s a trust thang…

one thing i SHOULD have learned
thru all the traveling i have done
in the last 18 years is to TRUST.

trust the process.
trust myself.
trust life.
trust my ability to live life.

sometimes i say i’ve learned it.
sometimes i know i’ve learned it.
sometimes i forget i’ve learned it.
sometimes it seems that i’ve never heard of the concept of trust.
trust? huh?

the funk i landed in a few days ago led to a fair amount of stress.

i made sure i got a few fast walks in to work out some of that stress.

and this morning, after walking fast,
and doin’ a few exercises that make me feel good,
i felt the best i have in a few days.

i actually feel good right now.
like i’ve come out of the funk.

maybe sorta like i’m teetering on the edge of it.

and something i see is the stress i’ve been feeling
is from fighting life so hard.

i can wrestle with the universe with the best of ’em!

i just don’t feel like wrestling today.
i feel like trusting.
go figure.

i didn’t actively push myself into trusting.
i toyed with the memory of trust.
knew it was out there if i wanted it.
and that was it.

this morning i’m just ready to hold it again.
for no other reason that i can come up with
other than it actually seems easier than stress.

that’s kinda cool.
usually stress seems easier.

today tho, i’m goin’ with it.
and likin’ it.