it’s a little bit different than you think…

i was quite tickled yesterday
when the april issue of
‘on purpose woman’ came out.

but the reasons are a little bit different than you think.

the woman who runs the magazine
came to me and asked if they could use
my art piece for the cover.
she offered to return the favor by giving me space to
write a bio or something.

i didn’t want to get something back.
it was so easy to share with her,
i know her from years ago,
i’m supportive of what she does.
i didn’t need anything back.

so i told her that.
and didn’t offer any write up.
figure she can then feel at ease to forget about it.

here’s the thing tho –
she went the extra mile, snagged a write up right from my website
and put together a beautiful piece for me.

THAT was the tickle.
the fact that she did it when she really didn’t have to.
and the fact that it was so beautifully done.
and in the intro she mentions when we met years and years ago.
i honestly didn’t even know she remembered that.
that just melted me.

it’s nice to have the write up there, yes.
but in all honesty, i’m okay without it.
that wasn’t the tickle.

the tickle was the act of her of doing this.

i love that.
wanted to share it here –
not so you can read my write up.
you already know my story.
or if you don’t, it’s okay,
it’s an ever evolving story that you know enough of just from the blog here.
but i wanted to share her magazine and her work with you.
click here and you’ll find it!