it’s a comfort thang…

being comfortable in yourself really matters,
doesn’t it?!

i mean, it changes everything.

i was talking with someone about this yesterday.
how it just makes life easier when we are in that place with ourselves.
how then other people can just be other people.
we don’t need them to be or do anything.
they can just be.
and well, of course, the same goes for us.
we can just be.

so i see that comfort growing in myself.
(you would think by now it would!)
and i love that.

but i also see it disappear quickly at certain moments.

i turn to my imaginary friends.
(see yesterday’s blog post for more of these turnings.)

i had a moment recently where i went to them
and as soon as i saw the one i was going to,
i felt relief.
a sense of knowing everything was okay.

and then, to my delight, another was there waiting as well.
i beamed.
and realized how much i love them and treasure them.

that’s when they reminded me that they are me.
i could tell by the tears that welled up in my eyes
that i hadn’t quite thought of it like that before.

and here again, i find their presence a ‘useful little trick’ for myself.
i think hanging with them is one of the best ways for me to feel comfort.
and then when i realize that they are me –
i can understand that i can find comfort and home in my own presence –
in the times when i forget!

or even bigger – in those times where i’m in a bad place and can’t seem to find any good about myself!


imaginary friends!
who knew they could be so darn wonderful?!