it doesn’t take much to feel empowered!

so yesterday, i kinda walked smack
into a curve ball. i did okay with it,
but i can always tell how hard something
hits with how tired i get.
and yeah,
i was way tired when i went to bed.

this morning i woke up determined to grab
the things i wanted in life.

i didn’t realize it right away,
but i just wanted to get some feeling of power back.

and you know what? it didn’t take much!
a little cleaning out,
a few symbolic acts,
a little writing,
and i feel so much better!

i’ve worked hard enough and long enough to know
what’s healthy and what’s not. i know what i want
in my life and what i don’t, and i’m thrilled to say this –
i even believe in myself enough now to know i’m okay
and can handle curve balls.

go figure.

so. all that inner work we do? it really does help!
all the little things we can do to make ourselves feel better?
they really can work!

we really are okay.
just the way we are.
and i just wanted to remind you of that as we head into the weekend!