from the very first moment
i got up today,
i had an intention.

well, the intention has morphed as i’ve gone along.

the very first one was to hop up with the alarm,
get myself dressed and take the mouse i had caught
in the middle of the nite out to be released.

how’s that for an intention?

i had heard him get caught.
it’s a great homemade system that involves
paper towel tube, peanut butter and a trashcan.

all winter, no mice.
then spring hits, and what happens?
what’s he doin’ in here now?
mixed up mouse.
but i got him!
hopefully it’s just him…
but i know how that usually goes.

i debated getting up and taking him out to release.
thing is, my neighborhood feels much more safe at 5:00
in the morning than 1:00. so i figured he could wait a little.

and i did just that.
hopped right up.
wanted to give him his freedom as soon as i could.
‘hang on, little thing, i’m gonna get you outta here!’
and off i went with a mouse in my trashcan.

after that my attention turned to my walk and my insides.
where the intention became to be aware of centering today –
do all i could to help myself center and stay there.

and as i was in the middle of doing that,
my heart opened so much that i could actually feel it do so.

ooooh….i thought – THIS is what you want your intention to be –
open your heart today. just keep focusing on that and feeling it.
cause, wow, that is an amazing feeling.
i actually put my hand over my heart as i drove,
just feeling it open.

then mixed in all that was the nudge for gratitude.
make THAT your intention, today, terri.
that’s so important.

laughin’……okay! okay! okay!
how about the intention being ‘keep all that good stuff in mind,
and keep opening more to it!’?!?!?!

yeah. that sounds good to me.

it felt good to release that little mouse this morning.
felt great he’s outta my house,
felt good to see him run towards a buncha nice looking mouse terrain.
felt good to handle it all without screaming.
i’ve come a long way!

and ever since then, every intention i turn today feels really good.
i can feel a response inside,
and it just feels good.

to keep this mood up if i find myself on another mouse release
adventure tomorrow morning…