inspiration all around…

all i gotta do is open my eyes,
and there’s inspiration everywhere.

some of it is in a sort of backward form.
like watching people get stuck in their own issues
and then being inspired by that to keep working on my own stuff.

or seeing someone who is forgetting that what they need
is truly inside them. and watching them struggle.
that’s always a reminder to me to look again inside myself
and to work on answering my need for self love.

that’s kinda like the ‘flip side’ inspiration.

but then…there’s the straightforward stuff
where you get to watch someone keeping their focus.
you get to watch someone really working on being
who they want to be. and pulling it off!

i know they have moments when they forget and don’t do it,
but i’m talking about an overall general pulling it off…
which is QUITE a feat!
i also know they’ll slip and lose the focus,
cause that’s what we do!

but at this moment, they got it.
and at this moment, i’m watching it.

what a GREAT reminder that is.
and what inspiration!

i woke up way too early again this morning.
and i got to thinking about this person.
and the whole ‘being who you want to be’ stuff.
and how this season can tax that.
it’s way easy to get too busy, too stressed, too tired, too whatever
and to just kinda get thru things and forget that each moment
is our chance to be who we are.

i have been reminded more than once from this person
that i want to live present and aware.
no matter how busy or crazed it gets.

kinda darn cool, huh?

i’m looking around soaking up all the inspiration i can right now.
cause, for me, there’s soooo much holiness to this season.
there’s so much goodness.
and soooooo soooo much sorrow.
the mix of the holy.

and i want to be in the mix with all of me.
i keep forgetting.
but then i get inspired and remember again.

toasting the inspiration all around me today!
and reminding us all to look, watch, soak it in,
and use the inspiration to fuel us this holiday season!