i did a super early run
to the grocery store.

which means it was pretty quiet there.
and i got to spend a few extra minutes
talking to the woman who checked me out.

i knew she had been on a retreat
so i asked her how it went.

and she filled me in on a couple of the most
moving stories that she had listened to.

this wasn’t what you generally think of with retreats –
you know, the yoga-mindfulness-softer people kinda thang.
this was for families from DC who had been involved in the
harsh inner city stuff – violence, shootings, gangs, death,
death and more death.
AND healing, redemption, forgiveness, growth, empowerment, change.

yeah, it woulda been an amazing event.

she shared some of the inspiration she got,
which in turn gave me goosebumps as i stood there holding my groceries,
giving me inspiration as i headed back to my gentle world.

i talked to a close friend yesterday.
she is just coming out of a tremendously difficult situation.
she is now in group therapy and was filling me in about it.
‘i am really seeing how none us is really that different, we all need
the same things.’ she said.

i can hear her voice in my ear now as i think of these stories that were
just passed quickly my way in the grocery store.

there but for the grace of god go i.
i have been double dipped in a vat of perspective.
these are no small gifts i’ve been given in this version of living that i
have been handed.

i think i really needed the reminder.
and THAT feels like a good thing to take into my weekend.