inner voice(s)

this was our quote of the day today –

‘inner wisdom’

i am such a believer in listening to your heart
and following what you hear.
when i started bone sighs,
i was so completely dedicated to this
and learned a lot about listening.

thing is – there are times it’s just so darn hard
and doesn’t really happen real well, ya know?

and i finally realized something.
when it’s too hard for me to listen in my usual way
of just kinda stilling myself and hearing –
THAT is a really great time to go seek out my
imaginary friends!

it’s just another avenue of listening,
but i think because there’s a little bit of separateness,
(tho not really) – i think it works!

i did this recently,
without really knowing what i was doing
and by golly, that’s when i saw it!

i haven’t gotten good enough with the imaginary friend
stuff yet to just know when to go there.
i usually take longer than i need to.
just because i’m not really aware enough yet.

but i’m learning!
and i thought this was a good tidbit to share!

can’t quite hear your heart talkin’?
then go chat with an imaginary friend!