Inner Child Offering
Combining her thoughts, ideas, experiences and suggestions, Terri walks alongside of you on a journey to connect with your inner child.

Broken down in 23 different self paced parts, we’ll wander through different ways to get in touch, journaling sessions, and ideas to help improve inner awareness.

Ideally the content will be read slowly and taken at a pace that allows space to open inside oneself as the suggestions are dabbled with and practiced.

I spent a long time trying to develop an inner child e-course.
I wrestled and wrestled with myself,
finally understanding that I can’t do a darn e-course.
There is no part of me that wants to claim any sort of teacher/trainer kinda role.
I don’t want to tell you what exercises you need to do daily.
I don’t want to claim to be in the know.
I don’t want to act like I’ve got any answers.

What I CAN do is offer ideas and suggestions for you
to try to find your inner child and explore inside you.
I CAN tell you about the things I’ve experienced and how they’ve affected me.
I can give you ideas of things to try on your own to see what happens.
And I can encourage you sincerely because I truly believe there’s such gold
to be found when you are traveling an inward journey.

When I finally decided to just make this an offering
of some stuff that I’ve bumped into along the way,
it all felt good again.

I think I’ve found some helpful things and can present it
for you in a way that can be of service.
I feel that it’s a worthwhile thing to offer.
(Altho, I may not be able to get it out of the e-course layout!
So we’ll just have to roll with that.)

I’m not sure the goal in stepping into this
should be to find your inner child.
Seems like that makes it too easy to feel like
you failed if you don’t find a certain ‘thing.’

I think maybe the goal might be better thought of
as taking some time to explore your inner workings
and coming up with your own definition of what an inner child is.

We can never fail if our goal is to travel.
It’s our journeying that grows us
and what we find on the way only adds to that journey.

Wanna try?

What you’ll need to join me here –

An open attitude.
Brightly colored pens and pencils.
A blank journal and/or writing paper.
A quiet safe spot all to yourself.
A willingness to try new things.

Inner Child Offering – $18  


‘maybe being brave
is no more than
staring down the
‘less than’ feeling
and stepping up to the
‘i am worthy feeling.’