i think this works!

while i understand that my own personal
morning routine is of no interest to anyone else,
there is stuff about this story, that i want to share…

so i’ve been walkin’ in the mornings for YEARS.
it helps keep me sane.
so then i had the ‘jolt’ last week (that’s all in a blog post,
i’ll spare you the repeat of that story…)
and while that wouldn’t have been enough to stop me,
trying to consider my husband’s feelings in the whole thing,
got me to rethink the ritual.

and…something helped with that….
one of the things i’ve been working on –
trying to listen to where i am led.

maybe it is time for something new.
he obviously would be relieved,
and who knows what it could bring me.
i wondered, watched, experimented,
and figured out the components of what i wanted.

i really love being in the dark.
i need movement.
i need the sky and the trees.

once i figured that out, i had an idea!

we set up my bike in the back yard on a stand.
so it’s just like a stationary bike.
and i went out early this morning, in the dark.
and i biked with the sky and the trees.

and i loved it!

and! here’s the part that makes me pretty darn sure
i found something that’s gonna work –
my imaginary friends showed up on bikes!
(my inner crone was on a racing bike! coolest thing ever!)

talk about an affirmation!

the parts of the story that seem worth sharing –
listening to my partner’s concerns, even tho i didn’t share them.
hearing him enough to try something new (tho, this has taken
a loooong time for me to get to. so i guess we gotta be thankful
that finally sank in!)
remembering that change may be leading me to something new.
figuring out what are the things i need,
and finding different ways to get those met,
and – the best part –
hearing my inner parts of me rejoice and play
and realizing that’s a very good sign.

that’s good stuff, ya know?
so i wanted to share.

who knows how long this will work.
but for now, i’m tickled!