i can’t quite figure it out…

i’ve been workin’ on one of my gardens.

and when i step back and look at it from
a ‘normal’ person’s eyes –
it’s an absolute heap of dirt and rocks
and some scraggly plants.
not quite an eyesore but almost.

but when *i* step back and look at it,
it is SUCH a beautiful spot
and i’m in love with it!

i realized that this morning.

is it always like that when you love something?
and someone?

maybe so.

i want to say maybe i just need to love some people more,
maybe i’ll see their beauty more.

after just bumping into someone who i don’t much care for,
i’m pondering this.

meanwhile….this garden of mine,
which has gone thru several transitions –
and several names –
is causing major reflections in me lately.

i think i am giving it a new name today –
it’s my reflection garden.

and while i can’t quite figure out why i find it so beautiful,
i’m goin’ with it.