how do you start your day?

i just read a little piece of writing
from mark nepo where he talked about
how he started his day.

i loved it.
he opens the curtains and makes coffee for his wife –
letting light in and doing something for someone he loves.

how beautiful is that?!

i really loved that and thought about how i start –
i get right up, get dressed and scoot right out to see the day.
i also love that.

but he’s got me thinking.
and i’m thinking i’m gonna tweak just a little bit.
i’m not sure how yet.
but i love the symbolism of what he does
and the intention behind it.

doesn’t matter if we have partners or not,
we can all figure out the right symbolism that works for us.

and wow…
i love the idea of such intention on the very very start.

wanted to pop it out here in case anyone else wants to think
about this as well.

what a delightful thing to figure out!