the whole honesty concept
has been tuggin’ at my sleeve lately.

i feel like if i could toss a concept out
to the world and holler ‘CATCH!’ –
this would be it.

maybe even more that ‘peace’ right now,
because i feel like if we were more honest,
we’d be more peaceful.

and then it just came up in another way for me.

there have been several interpersonal happenings
that have just boggled my mind where i catch myself saying –
‘how could they do that?’

and the truth is,
when i really look,
the issues driving the person were so strong,
they couldn’t do anything else.

‘so where does that leave me with me?’ i asked.
how do i pay attention to not letting my issues drive me
to where i don’t want to go?

‘we’ve gotta be honest with ourselves’ came the reply.
‘we have to keep asking ourselves over and over –
why am i doing what i’m doing? what is driving me?’

this is not a new thought.
but it is one i forget over and over again.

so, yeah, i just included this in my ‘key’ book –
to pull out when i’m struggling and remember.

it’s a word/concept that i keep learning more and more about.
it sure does matter.
and i’m thinking it’s something i can keep improving for the
rest of my life.