hold a candle

a new print –
or actually,
a redo of an old one.

here’s part of the write up i have with it over on etsy –

feeling really good about offering this new print. which is actually an adjustment of an old print. resized and a little darker with a stronger white candle glow. both things – the darkness and the glow – both getting more intense felt very appropriate for 2020! a little inspiration and reminder for us all!

it IS more intense in both those ways.
which felt a little unusual in creating it.
i felt tempted to soften both the dark and the light.
but seriously?!
it’s 2020.
intense felt much more appropriate.
so i went with it.

i was so excited when it came in (yesterday!)
that i couldn’t wait for the guys to get it up on the site,
i went and popped it up on etsy.
(it’ll be on the site within the next week or two)

if you’re in the mood, go check it out!
you can find it – along with other prints –
AND originals –
right here!

and let’s just keep reminding each other
to hang on to our candles.
we’ll help each other keep them lit!