heel marks

i don’t do a lotta fridge magnets.
as a matter of fact – i only have three.
i’m a minimalist when it comes to fridges.

two hold up the only photo i have there.
it’s of my partner and i.
it’s on the side of my fridge and right where i can see it when i cook.
one magnet is the cat and the hat.
and the other says ‘i’m very receptive to compliments today.’
they remind me to keep the child like play alive in my relationship
and to always be free in telling the good stuff.

then i have my ‘real’ magnet.
the one that i’d leave there if there wasn’t anything else at all on the fridge.

the one that i saw in the store and laughed right out loud when i read it.
the one i didn’t buy because i was budgeting.
the one my friend who was with me secretly bought for me after she saw my reaction to it.

it says quite simply –

‘let go or be dragged.’

i honest to pete think that is one of the best things that has ever been written.

and as many times as i’ve glanced at it, laughed again, and nodded for
the thousandth time, it always feels true.

that’s exactly where i am with a certain place in my life right now.
and i gotta be honest,
there’s marks in the path where my heels have dug in while i’ve been dragged along.

big sigh.

let go or be dragged.

dragging doesn’t feel so good.

i’m workin’ hard on letting go.
and i think that’s my problem.
i don’t think letting go is so much about work.
and trying.
i think it’s just doing.

i keep at it.
loosening one finger at a time.

i’ll get there.
cause this whole dragging this is……well…..
dare i say?
a total drag.

sorry, i couldn’t help it. 🙂

let go or be dragged.
still, as hard as it is right now, that’s one of my all time favorite sayings.