health…all around…

i’ve been thinking a lot about health.

for awhile it was physical health.
the guys in my life all work on fitness.
watching them has gotten me inspired.

so while i always kinda pay attention
to exercise, they have egged me on to
up my game a bit.

so i’m trying.
and that’s great.

but what about health all around?
there’s nutrition, yes.
but again, that’s body.
and yes, i’m watchin’ that as well.

but now i’m thinking a lot about the whole mind, body,
and spirit connection and the health of all three.

after mulling it a bit,
the thought of gratitude and kindness came to mind.

those are such big elements in happiness, aren’t they?
and i’m thinking if we can learn to hold those and offer those
in really healthy ways, that right there might be enough
of a direction to get the ol’ mind and spirit on track.

i toss in doin’ it in a healthy way,
because i have offered what i thought was kindness before
where it was to my detriment and didn’t ‘work’ anyway.
the ‘detriment’ part and the ‘working’ part are both signs,
in my opinion, of not being healthy.
it shouldn’t ever hurt me.
and expectations have to be left behind.

so that’s why i tossed that in there.
has to be mindful stuff.

always important.
feelin’ more important than ever to me now tho.
i’m watchin’ my age group grow older,
and i’m seeing so clearly that who we are affects
so much of how we live and feel.

i noticed a note this morning that i had written to myself
some months ago. it was about wanting to ‘house this gift’
of my my life with respect and gratitude.

maybe health has just gotta start there –
the belief that life is a gift.
and maybe everything builds on that…