yesterday i posted a poem that
i can’t stop thinking about!
which is so cool, isn’t it?!
(did you read it? it’s right below
this post.)

what i got from it is a great story
to work with in my head.

just the idea that if i get weighed down
by something, the gods are right out there
giving me light in a million different ways.
and i can take that light and not be so heavy.

and that i should pay attention and look for it.

i don’t know….it just really hit me right.
and i’ve been holding it ever since.
i liked ‘the gods’ part too.
the plural.
i’m usually just a singular god kinda gal.
but for some reason, it really hit nice.
i like to think of a group of gods in on this
light offering thing. it’s a good visual.

then this morning on facebook, a couple of people
wrote about grieving today. and i thought about grief.
how sometimes it doesn’t matter how much light the gods
hand you – sometimes you can’t lift your head to see it.

thankfully, most times aren’t that dark.
but some days are.

so i thought of the people grieving today.
and i remembered how dark and heavy it is.
i wanted to post my favorite grieving piece.
the quote means a lot to me and has helped me on some dark days.
some times it hasn’t cause there really wasn’t much of anything
that could help.
other times, it did.

so i wanted to offer that.
just because.

and as i was thinking about both these things,
i got excited –
maybe sometimes the gods offer light thru me!
or thru you! sometimes WE’RE THEIR TORCHES, aren’t we?!

i mean, we all know that.
we all know that we can be light for each other.
but i don’t know – i think being so taken with this story idea
of the gods offering me light when i’m heavy has made the idea
of me being light for someone else extra awesome.

definitely something to keep in mind as we move thru our days,
don’t you think?

let’s be torches!

and in an effort to be so –
i wanted to gently offer this bone sigh.
i have it as a print and with a different design as a greeting card.
the greeting card is darker….but i kinda like that.
but i guess i’ll post the print here….
(if you want to see the greeting card, it’s called ‘weeping’
and you can find that here.)


honoring you

“weeping and aching,
i longed to honor your passing.
i longed to honor your life.
searching everywhere,
i found only one answer.
honor myself.
become all that i am.
and carry you inside that beauty. ”