i got up early on christmas morning.
i can’t help it.
it happens every darn year.
i roll over or something and remember
what day it is…..and bam.
it’s over.
i can’t sleep any more.

i mean – it’s christmas!

so i slipped out for a walk.

but okay – it was later than i usually walk.
the sun was up.
so i guess i did sleep in a bit.

i was afraid i had missed the morning magic.
which was dumb.
cause you can go out at any time of day
and find the magic.
and besides, it really was still early –
the morning was mine.
and that is magic!

i walked and looked at the golden coppery sun
painting the tops of the trees.

i thought about how lucky i was to be here seeing that.
which made me think of the greatest gift of all –
just living.

so here i was.
christmas morning.
in the magic.
looking at the trees.
holding the gift of being here,
and of course –
that brought the tears to my eyes.

i was going to head back home,
but couldn’t bear to go inside just yet.
so i took a turn down to where i could
really see some trees.

and as i headed that way,
i heard the geese flying overhead.
looking up, i gasped.
i had never seen this before –
as they flew, the sunlight reflected off their bodies,
totally lighting them in gold!

i couldn’t believe it.
golden geese just for me.

i stopped and just watched.
and as they flew, it was almost like an optical illusion.
they turned into this wave of movement that didn’t
even look real.

i stood there basking in the magic.

and knew that everything after this today was gravy.

and i gotta tell ya –
it was a day filled with delicious gravy.

i know it woulda been delicious anyway….
but starting out with magic sure seemed to add
that gourmet taste.