gratitude yet again

i truly love this season.
i like the gift giving and the making things
and the shopping and the wrapping.
i like all that.

i know that makes a difference for things like christmas shopping.
i’m usually early with stuff, and i know that helps,
it just makes shopping fun.

i ran out this morning to grab a few small things
and couldn’t help but notice the mood in the shoppers around me.

is this the early crowd extra moody?
i have no idea but they certainly seemed to be taking their
shopping very seriously.

i did meet a really friendly lady who let me go
ahead of her in line. i thanked her for being so nice
and leaned in a little and said ‘have you noticed
people seem to be a little cranky?’

she laughed and totally agreed with ‘oh their baaaaaad!’

later i had a conversation with someone really really stressed.
i wanted to help him and take some of his stress away,
but that seemed to add to the stress, so i backed off.

and between these two things, i’ve been thinking about gratitude.

we’re forgetting the gratitude.
and i can say ‘we’ so easily,
because while i’m not today, i do all the time.

are we so spoiled that we forget how lucky we are to have
all these gifts right at our fingertips to purchase for those
we love?

just look at that question and see all the many things it holds
for us to be grateful for – friends and love and gifts and money
(even if it’s not a lot) and stores that are warm and safe and
filled…cars to get there, heat in the cars. feet to walk to the
cars, eyes to see….on and on it goes…..

and when we get so stressed about our daily lives are we forgetting
that we HAVE a daily life in the first place?

we forget.
over and over we forget.

and maybe one of the things we need to do for each other is
remind each other.

if you can’t find the gratitude, you’re not looking.
and if you’re not looking,
it feels bad.
really bad.
maybe it’s a good time for a peek.

and if you’re in a really bad spot with a whole lotta rough
things goin’ on……that’s okay. tuck the knowing in your pocket
and know when you’re strong enough, you’ll peek again.